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Curious how your vitamin intake is versus
your personal needs?
After filling in the questionnaire (takes about 3 minutes) you will be directed to your personal advice. You will learn how much you need, how much your average daily nutrition already supplies and when neccesary how you may supplement your diet with a Vitunique personal multi for you formular. The complete advice is also send to your e-mail address. Vitunique also advices on your intake of Omega-3, dietairy fibre, (in case of severe shortage) iron and some other nutrients. We do not ask you about possuble supplements or fortified foods intake. It is our objective to help you understand what you need and what nature already supplies through your average diet and what you may supplement.
Multi for you package: In case your personal advice shows that you might supplement also calcium and omega-3 we offer our so-called multi for you package. Existing out of a multi for you formular plus our specials calcium-D3 chewables and Omega-3 & E softgels. Allways precisely what you need for 60 days.
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